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PHP Advanced

Course Name: PHP Advanced

Duration of Course: 10 Weeks

Fee per individual: NRs. 25000

Course Overview: 

There are many things to learn to be an expert PHP Programmer. With PHP, you are not only limited to output HTML. PHP’s abilities (but not limited to) include outputting images, PDF files and even Flash movies (using libswf and Ming) generated on the fly. You can also output easily any text, such as XHTML and any other XML file. It supports a wide range of databases. Trainee must either have basic PHP skills or should have successfully completed “PHP Basics” course to start this advanced course. This course covers topics like Exception/Error Handling, MYSQL Advance, MVC, Security Issues, jQuery/Ajax, Templating, etc. Trainees will end the course submitting a project using MVC Pattern.

Topics Covered:

  1. Exception/Error Handling, Testing     [0.5 Week]
  2. MYSQL Advance Topics [1 week]
  3. Security Issues  [1 week]
  4. Image generation and Creating PDFs [0.5 week]
  5. XML and PHP    [0.5 week]
  6. Programming Techniques [0.5 weeks]
  7. Templating  [3 weeks]
  8. jQuery and Ajax [1 week]
  9. Project Work using MVC Pattern [ 2 weeks]
    • E-commerce
    • Creating the Database Administration
    • Showing the Products Online
    • Writing a Shopping Cart
    • Handling Commercial Transactions

N.B. : Details on the topics covered can be provided on demand. Please contact us for the details.