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Senior Hydrologist

Required :  1


  • Master’s  Degree in Civil Environmental / Hydropower  engineering.
  • Knowledge of engineering software related to work.


  • 10 + years of experience working on hydraulic structures and hydropower projects with vast experience in executing international Hydro projects.
  • Should have worked for min. 5-10 years for an Hydro.


  • working with specifically designed computer modeling packages to assess the most effective methods of managing available water in a particular area;
  • analyzing the effect of environmental changes on water flow;
  • studying the effects on flows brought about by changes in land use, such as forestation or crop irrigation;
  • planning responses to specific weather conditions, such as droughts and floods, and assessing the impacts of such events on water catchments and supplies;
  • undertaking hydrological modeling to allow the development of flood forecasting and drought management strategy;
  • assisting in the planning of water resource development by forecasting and monitoring water usage andrainfall;
  • estimating water yields, taking into account the utilization of water in a specific natural drainage area(‘catchment’);
  • assessing the relationship between rainfall, run off, and soil and rock features for the catchment;
  • investigating factors affecting acidity, nitrate levels or other diffuse pollution of surface water;
  • calculating and auditing water resource systems and analyzing this data;
  • determining licenses for companies and bodies requesting to use river resources;
  • implementing relevant regulations;
  • dealing with enquiries from external bodies and individuals, such as water regulators, consultants andresearchers;
  • providing project-management consultancy in installing new river flow gauges;
  • liaising with specialists, consultants and clients;
  • providing feedback on drought and water resource plans produced by water companies;
  • overseeing data collection on-site by hydrometrics and other staff;
  • supervising the collection, processing and evaluation of data for water resource planning and flood management.
  • applying hydrological and statistical techniques to water resource modeling and analysis;
  • developing computer systems to improve the efficiency of data collection and analysis;
  • keeping up to date with new research and techniques in all areas of hydrology.


  • Excellent communication skill with good command over Nepali & English language
  • Smart, fast, Analytical and Independent
  • Interpersonal Skills / Good Motivator / Strong Leadership skill
  • Ability to perform even in extreme conditions.