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Senior Mechanical Engineer

Required :  1


  • Maste Degree in Mechanical/Industrial /Production  Engineering.
  • Knowledge of engineering software related to work.


  • 10 + years of experience working on hydraulic structures and hydropower projects with vast experience in executing international Hydro projects.
  • Should have worked for min. 5-10 years for Hydro.
  • Design and commissioning experience.
  • Lead, guide remote located designers.
  • Business development experience interfacing with clients.
  • Extensive knowledge of design standards/codes.


  • Prepare Contract Documents, Bill of Quantities, Specifications, Procedures, Codes, Standards, Project Plans/Schedules, Engineering Designs, Construction/Shop Drawings, Displays, Presentations, Project Proposals, and Periodic Reports pertaining to Project activities and as directed by the Project Manager.
  • Efficiently execute, oversee, monitor, and supervise all Projects activities undertaken by the project or through its contractors/Suppliers, and incorporating the construction of Access Roads, Bridges, Culverts, Equipment/Structure Foundations, Head Race Tunnel, Power House, Head Works, Gates, Trash rack, stoplog Pen Stocks, etc., including Fabrication, Installation, and Commissioning.
  • Prepare design for turbine and associated mechanical equipments.
  • Prepare design for gates ,trash rack ,stop log , penstock etc.
  • Carrying out supervision of the construction/installation of hydraulic gates/electromechanical equipments.
  • Assist the Senior Project Manager in:
    • Developing efficient deliverables’ schedule, besides reviewing & modifying the technical requirements to determine precisely the work/tasks to be accomplished in order to satisfy the stipulated objectives, and provide a road map for timely & cost-effective completion of projects.
    • Determining cost and time goals as well as “micro-goals” for accomplishing different phases of the construction, and based on these goals, organize and schedule the essential number & types of workers, equipment, supplies and materials to effectively achieve the given targets.
    • Preparing specific schedules with number of deadlines for various construction activities to becompleted in order to meet the overall deadline, and reviewing the activities of the project on a regular basis to ensure that its regressing as scheduled and that no cost overruns are encountered
    • Preparing a variety of internal and external reports pertaining to job status, equipment, policies and procedures along with a host of other issues
    • Planning and implementing preventive measures and effective mechanisms for resolving both internal and external conflicts thus averting unnecessary delays in the completion of the project.
    • Analyzing, forecasting, and assessing potential risks: site conditions; design assumptions; public regulations; workers’ safety; environmental concerns; labor unrest; natural calamities, and a score of other hazards, besides alleviating such perils through careful selection of proper materials, appropriate equipment/instruments, and the right personnel.
    • Planning and scheduling the delivery/storage of equipment, supplies, accessories, and materials.
    • Framing, formulation, and implementation of effective Quality Control Policies, Procedures, andMeasures to ensure compliance with all stipulated Codes, Norms, Practices, and Specifications.
    • Coordination, liaison, and negotiations with Suppliers, Contractors, concerned Governmental & Non-Governmental Agencies/Authorities, Institutions, and Regulatory Bodies.
    • Undertaking of Public Relations’ Activities and Campaigns to ensure cooperation and support of theconcerned public and stakeholders.


  • Excellent communication skill with good command over Nepali & English language.
  • Smart, fast, Analytical and Independent.
  • Interpersonal Skills / Good Motivator / Strong Leadership skill.
  • Ability to perform even in extreme conditions.
  • Organizational behavior skills