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Computer Engineering and IT course

ILI offers following courses/training related to IT and Computer Engineering:

Name of Course Duration (in weeks) Fee Structure (NRs.)*Details
Basic Programming Skills2 7000will be provided On Demand
PHP Basics412000Click for Details
PHP Advanced1025000Click for Details
WordPress Starter to Intermediate820000Click for Details
Java Basics620000Click for Details
Java Advanced1235000Click for Details
Python Programming (Basics)412000Click for Details
Python Programming (Advanced)720000Click for Details
C# (Basic and Intermediate)20000Click for Details
C# (Advanced)14-1635000Click for Details
Web Designing4Click for Details

* The fees stated above are for individual enrollment. The students will get a discount of 10% and 20% when they come in a group of 5-9 and 10-10+ respectively.